Afaq-Libya is a rising company in the field of media services and technical equipment, the company was set up by a team of young enthusiastic exports who have a remarkable degree of professionalism and competence in the field of marketing, media and technical processing. Using new and innovative techniques in this field to meet our expectations, by going through other directions with new perspective in dealing with means of communications, media and press coverage whether it is written or audio. We are fully aware of the authentic value that our team has and the ingenious mark in our work that is added by them.

Starting with marketing campaigns, moving forward to website, billboards and corporate identity designing, we put into consideration the smallest details of our client's needs. Our constant growing in the field of publicity both audio and visual is a palpable sign for the effort that we made in the past few years.

As for the technical equipment, we are pleased and proud for what we have achieved in this field which goes equally to conference rooms to be fully equipped and connecting them with operation rooms, besides, equipping audio labs, theaters and audio-visual studios.



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