SMS Campaigns:

Marketing by mobile messages (SMS) is considered to be one of the most important, fastest and efficient marketing methods, as it certainly gives access to the target audience and the possible customer, and guarantees reading the message by the intended customer and consequently the success of reaching the intended customer.

Features of marketing by short messages services (SMS) which Afaq-libya provides:

·        It is one of the strongest adverts types: All SMS receivers read their messages carefully.

·        Low cost: it is considered to be much cheaper than other methods. For example, Radio, Television and Magazines Adverts.


·        Frequent Advert: most of the users do not delete their messages immediately, and consequently the possibility of opening the messages again is itself a new advert.

·        Saving the Advert: the user can make use of the advertising messages which they received in order to get the address or the advertised brand.

·        Sharing the Advert with friends: the intending customer may help himself in spreading the advert by sharing it with friends in order to get access to the advertised product.

·        Quick Access: Thousands of Messages can be sent through     minutes, and therefore guarantees quick access.

What distinguishes us from other competitors in the market is our contract with (Almadar) Company to provide messages services SMS, and not by using internet sites that provide such service, what guarantees access to messages to phone numbers still in service.